Brooch Bouquets

Customized Just For You

Brooch bouquets can be designed for you, including Swarovski crystals, Cubic Zirconia, pearls, gold or silver finishes, and a multitude of colors. Family mementos or personal pieces can also be incorporated into your bouquet to make it truly unique!

These beautiful creations are handmade with the highest of standards. Each piece is hand wired using a proprietary method to guarantee that it is beautiful on your wedding day and will stay intact for years to come. Want to outfit your entire bridal party? We got you covered!

Why an Heirloom Bouquet?

  • Keep your bouquet as a significant memento of your wedding without the additional expense of preserving it.
  • Include sentimental treasures from your relationship or your family, adding special meaning to your ceremony.
  • Lasts forever to be handed down to future generations when cared for properly.
  • Brooches and accents are handwired using proprietary methods to prevent them from falling apart before, on, or after your wedding day.
  • Unlike traditional flower bouquets, brooch bouquets will never die, so you can keep and display them forever.

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Bridal Party Bouquets

What would you like your friends and family to carry on your wedding day? Whatever your theme or color scheme, we can create a full bridal party brooch bouquet set to match. We can even do matching boutonnieres! Contact us now to get started!

Special Offer: Purchase bridal party bouquets along with your brooch bouquet and receive the 4th bridesmaid or flower girl bouquet FREE!


Caring for Your Brooch Bouquet

  • After you receive your bouquet in the mail, please take it out and inspect it for any issues that may have occurred during shipment. While this is rare, if any are found, please contact us immediately so it can be addressed (including the possibility of filing an insurance claim with the post office.) There is a good chance that instructions to correct any minor issues can be quickly provided in an email or over the phone, if you send a few photos.
  • Please store your bouquet in the box, upside down (handle straight up) in the popcorn/bubble wrap used to ship it to preserve its shape before your wedding date.
  • If you prefer to display it before your wedding, you also have the option of placing the bouquet in a weighted vase…please add enough decorative marbles, stones, coins or other heavy items in the bottom of the vase as the bouquet will be top heavy, and could tip the vase easily.
  • Laying the bouquet on its side for a length of time could create a “dent” on the side it is sitting upon due to the weight of the bouquet. This can be remedied by pulling slightly on the brooches that have been pushed in. They are wired together, so nothing will pull out with light pressure. (If you pull hard enough, you could dislodge the stem from the handle slightly.)
  • Your sparkling bouquet could be enticing to children and pets…and some adults could try to pull on the brooches to see if they can come out…so please keep it in a curio cabinet or display case to protect it from curious hands!

What Our Customers Are Saying


“I loved the bouquet! I use it as a showpiece now! It was made beautifully :)”

- Ruby

What Our Customers Are Saying


“My bouquet was the star of the wedding, I absolutely loved it!! Thanks again for the great customer service!!”

- Paola

What Our Customers Are Saying


“I cannot tell you how many compliments I received on your bouquet. It was absolutely stunning and fit the venue and overall theme of our wedding perfectly.  Thank you again for your amazing work.”

- Ali

What Our Customers Are Saying


“Thank you so much for the brooch bouquets. All the bouquets looked amazing on our wedding day. Thank you for everything!”

- Michelle

What Our Customers Are Saying


“Thank you so much for the bouquet - it is so beautiful and everyone loved it! You are so talented! It really was a stand out piece and we could not have been more happy.”

- Jessica